Fraunhofer IGD (Institute for Computer Graphics Research) is one of 60 research institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. The institute focuses on applied research with the aim of innovation in computer graphics by making the results of basic research available for applications. Through this transfer of knowledge from research to practical applications the IGD contributes to the furthering of technology in European trade and industry.

Fraunhofer IGD focuses on the development of product prototypes (hard- and software) and the realisation of concepts, models, and solutions for computer graphics and its adaptation to specific application requirements. The R&D projects are directly related to current problems in industry, trade, traffic, and services. For the implementation of these projects the departments of IGD have developed excellent competencies in Computer Graphics and its applications. An important research area is information visualisation and Visual Analytics, with a focus on the interactive and semantics-based visualisation of decision-critical information, as well as solutions for the financial industry.

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