The Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems (VIS) of the University of Stuttgart is internationally highly visible for research in the area of visualization, interactive 3D computer graphics, human computer interaction, and semantic models. The institute is currently involved in a number of national and international projects carried out in collaboration with partners from academia, public research institutions and industry. The focus of the R&D-work of VIS is on visually oriented presentation and interaction techniques (graphical and model-based user interfaces, mobile and automotive HCI, user interfaces for sensory handicapped people, virtual and augmented reality), computer graphics (parallel and hardware accelerated interactive rendering, web based and mobile graphics, gigapixel displays), scientific visualization (volume rendering, flow visualization, multi-resolution analysis, large datasets) as well as information visualization and visual analytics (high-dimensional and heterogeneous data collections, document databases, social media, semantic web ). The projects are primarily funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, and the European Union. Many projects involve collaborations with leading industrial partners and public agencies. VIS is a member of the VISMASTER Coordinative Action and participates in two projects within the DFG priority program ‘Scalable Visual Analytics’. VIS is also involved in the EU Project PESCaDO (“Personalized Environmental Service Configuration and Delivery Orchestration”).

In the VASA project, VIS will be responsible for the development and integration of visual analytics techniques for interactive reasoning and for advanced interactive visualization techniques for data/knowledge space exploration.

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