A key issue for such an integrated approach is information modeling. Today’s simulation systems are based  on  special  purpose  data  models  based  on  the  needs  of  the  respective  critical  infrastructure. These  models  look  different  for  power  grids,  for  telecommunication  systems,  and  for  logistic simulators (and for other CIs). In order to manage and simulate dependent CIs an integrated model is needed  allowing  the  integration  of  the  different  special  purpose  models.  These  integrated  models have to be run on simulators which enable the simulation of complex system behaviors in dependent CIs. Different scenarios can be simulated as sequences of events and actions within one CI or crossing the borders between them.

Such federated simulations provide a new integrated component of visual analytics. Not just data but comprehensive simulations of complex system behaviors can be used as basis for complex but highly adapted analytical investigations and special purpose presentations to human decision makers. Novel visual  analytics  systems  to  be  developed  within  the  proposed  collaboration  will  tightly  integrate  CI simulation and analysis with advanced visual interfaces to support effective decision making by the human.

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